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Mamma Rita

Rita Boccuzzi, also known as Mamma Rita Money, is an Entrepreneur, Financial Intelligence Expert, Educator and Motivational Speaker. She is passionately committed to the mission of guiding and educating one million families around Money to achieve financial peace of mind through Money Empowerment and transformative mindset breakthroughs.

She is a proven professional who founded Flourish Inc. in 2012 and leads the Money Education Movement, known to be a Revolutionary Life-Changing Approach for Rapid Transformation to Flourish Financially.

Mamma Rita also leads Wine Women & Wealth and “It’s No Secret To Be Wealthy” Workshops, as well as her Money Empowerment Movement Bootcamps where Money Over Mindset Mastery meets Money Skills Mastery. She is also co-author of “Wine, Women, & Wealth – Inspirational stories of women who got their financial act together” & “50 Empowering Wealth & Financial Mind-$hifts.” In addition, she serves as Treasurer on the Board of the Bloom Again Foundation.

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