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Marvelless Mark Kamp

His name says it all…say it out loud and it is “MARVELOUS”! If you want to energize, engage and empower your audience to develop a rock star mindset and significantly up their level of performance, then let Mark, “The Business Rock Star” show you how to do just that.
He incorporates unique and valuable business content from your favorite rock stars with a cutting-edge multimedia backup band for an experience that engages, entertains, and inspires to realizable action.

He has performed in 24 countries, headlined a show on the Las Vegas Strip, is a reality tv star, and a hit radio personality. Mark’s high energy and engaging speaking style, business-relevant content, and interactive drumming activities show the audience, who have now become active participants, how to create their own rhythms, develop emotional connections, transform relationships, and unleash their own personal rock star.

Mark is a CEO, Business Owner, Best Selling Author, Sales Professional, and World-Class Performer.

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