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Lisa Williams

Lisa is a recovered corporate executive who woke up one morning and realized she couldn’t remember the last time she had learned something new. She started the mission at Lisa Williams Co, “To empower, equip and inspire one million people to hire themselves,” after the loss of her mom and her best friend Elizabeth in the span of 10 months. Her certainty that God can use all things for good, fueled her through her grief and helped open her eyes to the many gifts God still had planned for her life.

Lisa and her kingdom-driven tribe help others step into their God-Gifted purpose with a bigger mission to create a group of “7 figure givers.” She found her own financial freedom at 47 years old and did this working for someone else. Imagine the lives that can be impacted by teaching others to “generate in order to be generous!”

Lisa is a Certified Approval Addiction Coach, Wealth Educator, and America’s Business Matchmaker. She teaches people how the addiction of approval from others holds us all back in life and business. By overcoming this addiction, embracing financial education, and gaining the skills to create multiple income streams, we can achieve the time and money freedom we all crave!

Lisa’s next chapter has her locking arms with an overwhelming abundance of like-minded friends. Good people, doing good things as life-long learners!

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