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Amanda Weil

My specialty is styling businesswomen who feel stuck in a rut with their corporate dress codes. I’ll help you discover the style of your true self so that when you are sitting in a meeting you are not afraid to speak up and you feel more respected.

After 14 years as a corporate executive, I know firsthand how stifling and robotic it can feel wearing outfits that do not allow your true self to shine. I have mastered how to infuse a style awakening for my clients so their wardrobe calls forth the most confident and connected version of themselves while maintaining a business edge.

A few minor changes in one’s wardrobe can make a huge impact on confidence and thus life and work decisions. My clients are successful businesswomen who have had enough of feeling robotic and masculine due to their office dress code and crave to feel alive when they dress for work. I guide them to find their true style and use their newfound confidence to elevate their performance at work.

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